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If you're new to buying and selling property at auction, don't be shy! Check out our guides for buying at auction and selling at auction, with Liverpool's longest established property Auction house, and you can see how simple and effective it can be.

Buying Property at Auction

If you're considering buying at auction please ensure you have also read our notice to prospective buyers.


Notice to Prospective Buyers

Tenancy's Explained

Many residential properties at auction are sold subject to an existing tenancy; you can download a brief outline to the various types of tenancies you may find in an auction below.

Tenancy's Explained >

Making an Offer for an Auction Property

Our Clients have agreed that only pre-Auction offers of a reasonable level in relation to the Guide Price figure will be submitted for their consideration. Offers must be in writing and will be considered under the assumption that the property has been viewed, the legal documentation inspected and any relevant searches or surveys have already been carried out.

Pre-Auction offers will be on the basis of an immediate exchange of Auction Contracts upon acceptance by the Seller with the Buyer providing the full 10% deposit and Administration Fee, and having the ability to complete within 28 days of exchange. We will only contact you prior to auction in the event that the owner has accepted your offer. Any offer will be assumed to be your best and final offer and we cannot guarantee that you will be invited to increase your bid in the event of an alternative satisfactory offer being received prior to exchange.

Not all vendors will accept offers prior to auction, however in the event that a property does not sell on the day of the auction we will contact any party that has submitted a pre-auction offer, beginning with the highest received prior to auction. Again we will assume that any offer is your best and final offer.

Offers must contain the following information:

• Name of buyer
• Address of buyer
• Phone number of buyer
• Lot Number of Property for offer
• Address of property for offer
• Amount of offer in words
• Amount of offer in figures

Offers can be sent via email to [email protected] or posted to Venmore Auctions, 8-10 Allerton Road, Liverpool L18 1LN.