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We're open to partnerships from any estate or letting agent, management company, solicitor, accountant, or other professional body.

If you are an agent and are currently marketing the property for rent/sale or are managing the property for a client and you recommend for them to try and dispose through Venmore Auctions we will take you on as a joint agent and will offer a fair 50/50 split of any commission fee we agree with the vendor. 

All we will require is for you to discuss the possibility of selling through Venmore Auctions prior to forwarding on the vendors details. We will pay your fee after the property has exchanged rather than completion.

How It Works...

Should you refer any lead that results in an instruction & sale for Venmore auctions we will offer you a 25% share of any commission fee we agree with the seller. This fee will be paid directly to your company account once the property has exchanged and you present an invoice, rather than having to wait until completion. All we expect is that you discuss Venmore Auctions as an option to dispose of their property and confirm that they're happy to hear from us before you pass on their contact details and disposal requirements. You can leave the rest up to us.
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